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Daily Current Affairs – 20th January, 2016

Death of a Dalit scholar: Ancient Prejudice, Modern Inequality Following the death of Rohith Vemula (25), a doctoral student at University of Hyderabad, a new debate has sprung from all quarters and at the heart of the debate the alleged dominance exercised by the right-wing [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 20th April, 2016

India’s Drug Control—Approvals & DPCO The ban of 344 fixed-dose combinations- FDCs is a combination of existing drugs into one potent formulation Helps to increase patient compliance with taking medication — Many FDCs in the Indian market are fuelled primarily by the desire to evade [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 20th June, 2016

Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (VDPV) and its concerns: In India, several states have reported cases of Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (VDPV) In November 2015, the Delhi government reported the case of VDPV and now, a surveillance study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found traces [...]