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Daily Current Affairs – 16th February, 2016

Sedition: An unconstitutional tool Section 124A of the IPC defines sedition and says: Whoever by words either spoken or written or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, the government established by law; or Whoever [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 16th March, 2016

India’s biggest security headache—Sir Creek stand-off’s What’s in the name: Got its name from the British representative who negotiated the original dispute over firewood between the local rulers Countries: India & Pakistan Location: 96-km estuary- between India and Pakistan, cutting through where Gujarat State and Sindh province [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th April, 2016

Maritime India Summit 2016: Taking initiatives to push maritime trade Background: Recent inaugural of the Maritime India Summit 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra is India’s first ever Maritime Summit and the flagship event organized by Union Ministry of Shipping. The main focus of summit is to [...]