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Daily Current Affairs – 12th January, 2016

What needs to be done to upgrade to BS-VI? Four years from now, the government wants to leap directly to BS-VI auto emission norms from the existing BS-IV, skipping BS-V. But the challenges, before both oil companies and automakers, are enormous.   What is the issue? Recently [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 12th February, 2016

Landmark announcement on gravitational waves may shed light on early universe Background: Recently Scientists spot elusive space-time ripples. These space-time ripples are termed as Gravitational waves. A century ago, Albert Einstein hypothesised the existence of gravitational waves, small ripples in space-time that dash across the [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 12th March, 2016

Mexican opportunity for India India-Mexico relations have consistently been friendly, warm and cordial, characterised by mutual understanding and growing bilateral trade and all-round cooperation. Though antipodes on the globe, they have striking similarities and commonalities – of geography, history, physiognomy, culture and civilisation, even [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 12th April, 2016

Unified Payment Interface— A step towards a cashless economy A cashless economy is a system where flow of cash or physical currency is non-existent and all monetary transactions are done electronically via internet enabled banking or wallets, and debit or credit cards; at most [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 12th May, 2016

Managing India’s Freshwater “There will be constant competition over water, between farming families and urban dwellers, environmental conservationists and industrialists, minorities living off natural resources and entrepreneurs seeking to commodify the resources base for commercial gain” -UNICEF report on Indian water India’s water crisis is predominantly a [...]