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Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, PSL, SCC & CAS- Priority Sector Lending Norms, LTV, Margin Requirement, Moral Suasion & Direction Action

  Monetary Policy#6: PSL, SCC & CAS- Priority Sector Lending Norms In the previous sessions, we learned about the quantitative tools of monetary policy, which decide the ‘volume’ of credit in an economy. Now we shall look into the qualitative tools of monetary policy, which [...]


How to Solve Statement & Courses of Action? Tips

Dear Readers, We are providing you Important Concept & Short Tricks on Statement & Courses of action Questions in Reasoning which are usually asked in Bank Exams. Use these below given short cuts to solve questions within minimum time. These shortcuts & Concept will be very helpful [...]

Global Hunger report, India & Hidden Hunger

[Public Health] Global Hunger report, Hidden Hunger, National Nutrition Mission, Newborn action plan,

Prologue Global hunger report, Child malnutrition What is Hidden hunger? India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) National Nutrition Mission Fixing RBSK and WIFS Expert group on PNDT Tribal health problems Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September Week1 to October Week3. Part1: Mother, Children, [...]