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What is C++ ? An Introduction to programming with C++

  I am beginning a series of articles about C++ programming language. So lets begin with a simple C++ program as shown below. #include int main() { cout<<"My first C++ code"<<"\t"; // This is a C++ comment return 0; } This piece of code when executed, outputs a line of [...]

Why switch to ARM ? Introduction to ARM Micro Controllers

  It is true that beginners should start off with 8051 or AVR to get a clear understanding of how microcontrollers work. The documentation of these devices is very readable and simple to understand. But if you have worked with these architectures for some time, [...]

Why electrode position process is needed to grow nano – rods/wires • through the alumina nano-pores ?

Ans. To integrate one-dimensional nanomaterial into a device, a fabrication method is uses that enables well-ordered nanomaterials with uniform diameter and length. Template directed growth is a nanomaterials fabrication method that uses a template which has nanopores with uniform diameter and length. Using chemical [...]