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UPSC English paper Mains 2013

[Download] Compulsory English 2013 Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam + last 17 years as Bonus(1997-2013)

Compulsory English: 2012 vs 2013 2013: Compulsory English Paper Essay (100m) Comprehension (50m) Précis #1 (60m) Précis #2 (40m) Make sentences (10m) Antonym (5m) Sentence Correction (10m) Do as directed (15m) Fill in the Blanks (10m) Download previous papers (1997-2013)? Compulsory English: 2012 vs [...]

[RTI] UPSC earns 15 crores, spends 1.4 crores in litigation, gives 1.7 crore as salary, but keeps no record of defeats and fines imposed by CIC

Nothing much important here. Just for public record. Matter #1: Income and Expenditure of UPSC Matter #2: RTI applications & fines by CIC Matter #1: Income and Expenditure of UPSC For the financial year 2012-13 (i.e. 1 April to 31 March), I seek following information: Total [...]