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Daily Current Affairs – 16th March, 2017

The inter-related security Water, energy and food are essential for human well-being, poverty reduction and sustainable development. Global projections indicate that demand for freshwater, energy and food will increase significantly over the next decades under the pressure of population growth and mobility, economic development, [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th February, 2017

Budget – Reforms on Election Funding Introduction The fundamental of a vibrant democracy is periodic elections. Elections to be meaningful should be conducted free and fair with a level playing field to all in the fray. The Representation of People’s Act 1950 and 1951 aim to [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th January, 2017

RBI, Ministry of Finance and Autonomy In news: the demonetisation decision has once again floated the much debated topic of diminishing autonomy of the central bank and overpowering by the government Background The decision of scrapping 86% of the currency in circulation was mostly welcomed due [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th December, 2016

Need for Reforms in the Education Policy   Introduction- Education and Economy With half of the term of the present government over, amongst all policy areas the most important area that needs all the focus and reforms is India’s education policy. Indian economy faces two challenges in the [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th September, 2016

Bayer-Monsanto deal- How it affects India In news: German firm Bayer’s acquisition of US seeds company Monsanto, if approved, would create the world’s largest agribusiness. But the deal has drawn criticism in India and sparked concerns among the nation’s farmers. Bayer and Monsanto in India   Bayer Bayer [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 16th August, 2016

Look before you dismantle What? Government and some activists want to replace provision of subsidised goods and services with cash transfer Reason: to reduce government expenditure and minimise leakages in the social welfare programmes PDS: it is one of the welfare programmes that is wrought [...]