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[Loot Lo] Disha Ebooks for only Rs. 5, 7 & 10 for UPSC, CSAT, SSC, IBPS, GATE & more! Notebandhi ke Baad Disha kaa “Digital Uphar”, aka Ebooks Loot Lo Yojana

Disha’s Ebooks Loot Lo Yojana: for Rs.5, 7  and 10 only Ebooks for General Studies: History, Polity, Geography for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for Aptitude: Maths, Reasoning & English for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for UPSC/CSAT Exam for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for Staff Selection (SSC) [...]

English grammar

English Master Series – DAY 10

Dear aspirants, Here we are with our tenth module of English Master Series. Hope this will surely help you with your English Language preparation. Here in this Module we will study about  Tricks of Adjective – II. MODULE-10 Tricks of Adjective-II RULE 15 Adjectives like interior, exterior, ulterior, major, minor, empty, excellent, [...]


Name– Lucky Verma Date of interview – 29 Apr 2016, AN Board -Sri V M Mittal Second last to go inside at 16: 30Hrs. Duration-Appx 40 min Here I go The PS led me to the room  inside with the sound of call bell. Board was having all gentlemen , wished them [...]

Lokpal selection rule

[Bodies] Lokpal Selection Rules No. 10, Search Committee, Selection Committee, SC verdict

What is the Relevance of this issue with UPSC Mains exam? (GS2): Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies (GS2): transparency and accountability (GS4): challenges of corruption Timeline / Sequence of events December 2013: Lokpal and Lokayukta act passed. Lokpal will consist of one chairman Four [...]

WTO organization chart

[Economy] WTO: Bali Summit, Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), De-minimus level, 10% Subsidy Limit, Why Modi Opposed?

Prologue WTO: Structure and functions Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade WTO agreements Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) Green. Blue and Amber subsidies Amber box: De Minimus limits What is Bali summit and Peace clause? What is Trade Facilitation Agreement? Why Modi opposed Trade [...]

CSAT Answerkey 2014 Geography Analysis

[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Geography-Indian, Physical, World with explanations for all sets, Changpa, Sarees & 10 Degree Channel

Difficultly level .vs CSAT 2013 .vs other exams How to prepare Geography for CSAT-2015? Physical Geography World Geography Indian Geography [Act 1] Physical Geography Q1: Evolution vs Glacial cycles Q2: Seasonal wind reversal [Act 2] India Eco/Human Geography Q1: Changpa people Q2: Saree [...]

CSAT Answerkey 2014 Economy with Bulla

[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Economy, Banking, Finance, Budget & Balance of Payment- 7 out 10 MCQs from Mrunal

.vs CSAT 2013 .vs other exams Difficulty level How to prepare Economy for CSAT 2015? Banking sector Q1: MSF and NDTL Q2. Bank Saathi Q3: Reserve Requirements Q4: IF Interest rates decline Government related Q1: Non-plan Expenditure Q2: Sales tax Q3: FYP theme [...]

India Leader of Opposition Lok Sabha

[Parliament] Leader of Opposition (LoP) appointment controversy, 10% Rule, Consequences

Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 10% rule: episodes in past? LoP and Appointment Committees Arguments: Government vs Opposition Mock questions Leader of Opposition (LoP) in India Parliament 1977: The leaders of opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were given statutory recognition. [...]

NCERT Mock test for UPSC CSAT

[Mock Test #1] NCERT 100 MCQs from Class 6 (All), 8 (Science) & 10 (All)

Prologue Q1 to 25 Q26 to 50 Q51 to 75 Q76 to 100 Answers Prologue I welcome my new ally Mr.S.Venkata Krishnan, aka “Venkat Sir”. He manages the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) UPSC Study centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Venkat sir concurs with the ideology [...]