Surya Mitra Mobile App Launched by Union Ministry of Power

Surya Mitra Mobile App Launched by Union Ministry of Power

Surya Mitra mobile App has been launched by Piyush Goyal the Union Power Minister to serve customers in the field of renewable energy at National Workshop on Rooftop Solar Power held in New Delhi. The App will work for customers as at their doorsteps with quality installation, repair, and Observations and Measurements (O&M) in the field of renewable energy.

About Surya Mitra Mobile App

  • National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) an autonomous institution of Union Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has developed this Surya Mitra Mobile App.
  • The app has been established in a high end technology platform that can grasp thousands of customer�s calls promptly and can powerfully monitor all appointments of Suryamitra�s.
  • Customers can be able to access the services like maintenance, serving and renovating at the click of a button on their mobiles using this app.
  • It will help increase the employment of competent youth i. e. Suryamitra�s in solar PV technology.
  • Further it will also help to recover the businesses of solar entrepreneurs.

Suryamitra�s initiative:

  • It is Union Government�s skill development program to generate accomplished manpower in assigning, installation, O&M of solar power plants and equipment.
  • Its primary aim is to offer entrepreneurship and employability opportunities to rural and urban youth & women.

About NISE:

  • National Institute of Solar Energy is an independent institution of Ministry of New and Renewable (MNRE) is the top National R&D institution in the Solar Energy field.
  • 25 year old Solar Energy Centre (SEC) was changed under MNRE to an autonomous organization in September, 2013 to support the Ministry in implementing the National Solar Mission and to coordinate research, technology and other related works.
  • The NISE has supposed all technical activities of SEC and has also re-organized itself to assume roles and responsibilities assigned to it by the Ministry. The institute is involved in demonstration, standardization, interactive research, training and testing solar technologies and systems.
  • It is an actual boundary between the Government and institutions, industry & user organizations for development, promotion and general operation of solar energy in the country.


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