[Strategy] UPSC Civil Service Exam (Part 5 of 5) Career Backup Plans: How to prepare for State PSC etc

[Strategy] UPSC Civil Service Exam (Part 5 of 5) Career Backup Plans: How to prepare for State PSC etc

  1. Act V: Retreat Plan
  2. Allied UPSC exam (IES,IFS,Geologist, SCRA, CDS,CPF etc.)
  3. State PSC: Pujnab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh etc.
  4. How to Prepare for State PSC?
  5. Bank/PSU/SSC type jobs
  6. Professor type jobs (UGC NET/SLET/JRF etc.)
  7. Doing PG
  8. Q1. Should I do PG or not?
  9. Specialized Professional degrees
  10. MBA
  11. Epilogue

Act V: Retreat Plan

You must prepare with a positive attitude that “I’ll study hard and I’ll get selected”

But at the same time, you should also be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The reasons are following

  1. Pass or fail, UPSC  takes away one year of life. Then you’d think “since I’ve invested so much time, energy and money, let me given another attempt.” For a serious player, this cycle keeps repeating until he gets selected or he is out of the game because of age/attempt limit.
  2. If you reach mains/interview stage, you’ll earn respect of the fellow players but outside this UPSC game, it means nothing. Nobody will give you job (or hand of his daughter) just because you had cleared prelims or mains.

In short there are no consolation prizes for participating in UPSC. For More elaboration CLICK ME

Career Backup plans usually involve following sectors

  1. Allied UPSC exams (IES,IFS,Geologist, SCRA, CDS,CPF etc.)
  2. State Government/ State PSC exams
  3. Bank /PSU/LIC/ONGC/SSC type jobs
  4. Professor type jobs (UGC NET/JRF)
  5. Doing PG/MBA/moving abroad
  6. Returning to private company job
  7. Starting your Business
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  • And it is all easier said than done. You might feel “ya I’ll become bank PO or State PSC, what’s the big deal? Such pappu exams are no match for my caliber!”
  • The big deal is, no exam is a pappu exam as long as there are two people competing for one vacancy. And there are always existing serious players from those fields dedicated for a particular exam 24/7. The competition is intense everywhere. So don’t take any competitive exam for granted.
  • At the same time, you shouldn’t be so extremely occupied with backup plans that you can’t allot enough time for UPSC preparation,

The purpose of writing this article is

  1. Because Prevention is better than cure.
  2. There are good opportunities outside UPSC also. So failure in UPSC =not the end of life or career.

Allied UPSC exam (IES,IFS,Geologist, SCRA, CDS,CPF etc.)

First step: check age, educational eligibility in advance.


E.g. To apply for Indian Economist/Statistical/Geologist/Forest service, one would need to have specialized degrees in certain science/commerce/engineering fields.

Then check old papers: http://www.upsc.gov.in/questionpaper/index.htm#PageTop

GK/GS would remain more or less the same. (for CPF, GS MCQ paper is almost identical to IAS prelims)

For whatever is ‘different’ consult a serving officer or Government college Professor of that field and seek the booklist-strategy. e.g. Indian Forest Service, they’ve separate set of optional subjects, and you’re unlikely to find any tips on google search.

State PSC: Pujnab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh etc.

Important notes about these exams

  1. According to Government rules, 1/3rd of All India services vacancies are to be filled by State Service promotes.

That means, if Maharashtra state cadre has 300 posts for IAS, Then 200 posts will be manned up by Direct IAS officers recruited through UPSC Civil Service exam and 100 will be manned by giving promotion to Deputy Collectors (Maha.Administrative Service) who were recruited via Maharashtra State PSC. These are referred as Nominated/Promotee IAS.Similarly

  • DySP (State PSC) => DSP (IPS)
  • Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) (State Forest Service)=> Conservator of Forest (IFS)

Ofcourse some states may have different nomenclatures and posts, but overall principle is this^.

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