[Result] November Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: culture, geography resources, bitcoins, bilateral and more

[Result] November Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: culture, geography resources, bitcoins, bilateral and more

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  • Here comes the result for the Writing competition of November 2013. Zip file containing all entries, given at bottom of this page.
  • Thanks to the entries received over these three months, following topics of the mains syllabus are covered in an exam-oriented, revision friendly manner:
    • (GS1) Indian culture, impact of globalization on Indian society, Post-independence consolidation and reorganization; geography-natural phenomenon, resource distribution
    • (GS2) Polity-various bills, amendments, comparing Indian constitution with other countries, Representation of People’s Act; Bilateral relations and groupings; Yearbook topics: planning, SHG, development, e-governance etc
    • (GS3) sci-tech, nanotech, robotics; infrastructure, policies, schemes; disaster management, EIA; security related: non-state actors, money laundering, border management etc.
    • (GS4) thinkers, corporate governance, good governance etc.
  • All the entries are in MS-word, so you may add/edit/merge/update them as per your requirements to make “killer revision notes”.
  • Again, as a result of these notes, the collective savings of manhours, electricity and internet bandwidth=it’d run into lakhs of rupees. Therefore, I consider this competition a great success. And will continue it for upcoming months as well.


(In alphabetical order of writers.)

Social Sector Initiatives. Compilation various schemes. Comes handy for quick revision before GS3. If you continue updating this with pib.nic.in, becomes a killer note for even future prelims and mains. Goodwill entry=hence not considered for Prize. Abhishek Sharma
India Pakistan relations. Gives a chronological account and analysis of the events since the time of independence and how they’ve shaped India’s foreign policy. Aditya Ravi Chandran
Economic Survey 2012- a brief summary of all the chapters for quick revision and possible MCQs. Gali Vinod Simha
National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) – and salient features of various missions under it. Gali Vinod Simha
North Eastern India and Economic Development. Has covered various angles- tourism, power, transport, FDI, extremism etc. Mirant Parikh
Bitcoins. Explained the mechanism, benefits of the bitcon system. should help even in the IBPS interviews. Namit
E-governance-NeGP and Mission Mode Projects (MMP) at central / state / integrated level. Their salient features covered in 2-3 lines each, hence handy for revision- even under Public administration. Neeraj Kumar
Distribution of non-metallic minerals and energy resources: India and World. Nisha Vats
Indian Literature through Ancient, Medieval and Modern times. Rohit Nandakumar
Culture Notes. Exhaustive list of many two markers about dance, painting, architecture, music. He had won prize for this topic earlier. This is his updated / expanded v2.0 note on the same topic. Sandeep Yadav
Rights issue-Domestic Workers, Slavery Index. Gave a neat presentation on factors/causes behind modern day slavery of women and children and the measures to combat it. Shrey Khanna
Indo – US Issues: Civil Nuclear Liability, HFCs etc. plenty of fodder points for GS2 (Goodwill entry) Shivaram
Science Reporter: compilation of current affairs from September 2012 to October 2013. Plenty of two markers and possible MCQs for prelims. Shri Kant Yadav
Space Mission in 2013. Covered all Indian and foreign launch missions in this calendar year. Susmitha Sudharshan
Energy resources. Covered with policy-features-schemes angles. Comes handy for GS3/Infrastructure. Vishal Verma

And the winners are

Based on jury voting, Winners are picked only for distributing the book prizes. Else all of above are top-winners in their respective subject.

First Prize Indian Literature through Ancient, Medieval and Modern times.There is lot of web-resources on literature of India but Rohit’ article stands out for its chronological, brief yet exhaustive coverage, makes it easy to revise and remember. Rohit Nandakumar
Second Prize India Pakistan relations. Gives a chronological account and analysis of the events since the time of independence and how they’ve shaped India’s foreign policy. Btw same Aditya already covered India’s relation with Bangladesh and Afghanistan in previous months’ competitions. So go through those zip files as well. Aditya Ravi Chandran
Third Prize Distribution of non-metallic minerals and energy resources: India and World. There are plenty of geography books in the market, but content on ‘resource distribution’ is too scattered. Nisha has gone through pains of compiling it in compact tables. Should also help in geography optional as well. btw, same writer also covered metallic minerals in September zip, do go through it as well. Nisha Vats

Congratulations to these winners, I’ll contact them one more time to confirm their address and then prize books will be dispatched.


In alphabetical order of writers.

Food Security related Points. Exhaustive fodder material. Comes handy for GS3. A.Sunil Kumar
Maldives Election Crisis, and India’s stand on it. Aditya Sangotra
Cyclone Phalin, Helen, Haiyan and basic theory on clouds Arun Chettiar
NIOS Culture Notes. Bharat Chaudhary
Hindu November locations. (Goodwill entry) Chandra Deo
India and its neighbors. Debalina Biswas
Good governance (Goodwill entry) deepak patel
TB- explained various types, diagnosis methods and government initiatives. Divya Prabhu
Industrial development and stakeholders-NGO, charity, SHG. Some neat fodder points for the Mains GS2. Dr Sukhmani Sangha
Culture Revision Notes. Gali Vinod Simha
Biotechnology and TRIPS. Also gave brief account of IPR and patents. Should help for profile based interview questions as well. George Sinha
Rights issue: Domestic Workers. Discussed the news, schemes, initiative, bills related to this topic. Indrajeet Singh
Centralized Monitoring sys (CMS) and NCTC Indrajeet Singh
ISRO-Mars Orbiter Mangalyaan. Manish Zole
North East Development. Covered various schemes and measures. Marudavanan.S
Government Budgeting. Also explained the GST. Neeraj Gaur
Reforms needed in various sectors: SEBI, FMC, CPCB etc. some good fodder points for GS2 and GS3. NEHA NINAWE
White label ATM and Brown Label ATM. Useful even for the upcoming IBPS interviews. NITHESH GARUDADRI
India’s relation with GCC. Tableted the details for ready reference in GS2.  (goodwill entry, not considered for prize) Raman Bhattad
Arab spring- has it failed? Briefly narrated the factors that lead to Arab spring, and the current political situations in those countries. Sandeep Nair
Globalization and its impact on Indian society. Neat summary. When combined with previous entries, would become a killer note for Mains GS1. Sharad Durgawad
Internal Security Challenges to India. Narrated the extremist movements in various parts of India, and the measures need to be taken. Sharad Durgawad
India’s relations with Asia pacific. Plenty of fodder points about India’s foreign policy/approach towards each of those countries in recent times. Sunil Reddy


These articles could have been in Gold/platinum/even prize winners, but I/jury felt that:

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