[PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis

Map-Ukrain Crisis

[PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis

  1. Prologue to six part Article series
  2. PIN: Heads of States
  3. Chief Guest in 26th January Republic Day Parade
  4. India’s Ranks (2013)
  5. International Summits
  6. National Summits
  7. Ukraine crisis
  8. International Organizations
  9. International places in news

Prologue to six part Article series

Total six parts covering December 2013 to 8th June 2014- nearly six months that is the usual time span for current affairs most competitive exams below UPSC Civil service exam.

  1. [PIN-2014] Part 1/6: National- Official Posts, Committees, Stamps-2014, Defense, Telengana & more
  2. [PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis
  3. [PIN-2014] Part 3/6: Sports, Mascots, Athletes, Awards, FIFA-2014, Sochi-2014, Grand Slams, Hockey, Kabbadi, Cricket & more
  4. [PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs
  5. [PIN-2014] Part 5/6: Books, Authors, Movies awards & Beauty Pageants
  6. [PIN-2014] Part 6/6: Diaspora, Civilian awards & Dead in News, Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, Padma 2014, Able Prize & more

Persons in News: Heads of States

Every month some new pm/President gets elected somewhere. given the bad cost benefit, I’ve only listed important ones and ignored many chillar parties for example Chile new President Michelle Bachelet, because Chile is not in news otherwise.

  • President Hamid Karzai served two consecutive term hence can no longer contest election.
  • Right now Presidential race between Abdullah Abdullah and Asraf Ghani.
  • Parliament called shoora.
  • PM Tony Abbott. capital Canberra (not Perth or Sydney)
  • 1st member of south Asian descent to be member of Parliament – Lisa Maria Singh (awardee Pravasi Bhartiya Samman 2014)
  • President Abdul Hamid
  • PM Sheikh Hasina (Awami league).
  • Opposition Khalida Zia (nationalist party)
  • Parliament called Jatiya parliament.
  • King Jigme Wangchuck
  • PM Tshering Tobgay
  • parliament called Tasongadu
  • President XI Jinping
  • Premier (PM) Li keqiang
  • ADIZ: Air defence idenfication zone aove East China sea.
  • Foreign minister Wang Yi met Modi in June 2013.
Cuba President Raul Castro (not Fidel Castro)
  • President Abdel Fattah El sisi (Ex-Army general)
  • PM Ibrahim mehliv
  • President Epeli Nailaukitau (Fiji has largest Indian diaspora in Asia Pacific)
  • Former president of Indian origin Mahindra Chaudhary (1999-2000)
  • Ram Krishna Mission of Fiji has been awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman 2014
France President Francis Hollande; PM Manuel Valls. Anne Hidalg-first female mayor of Paris
  • President Joachim Gauck
  • Chancellor Angela Markel
  • Lok Sabha: Bundestag
Iran President Hussan Rouhani, Accepts peaceful nuclear technology use
Iraq PM Nur Al Maliki
  • President Reuven Rivlin (hardliner, he is against creation of Palestine.)
  • PM Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Ex israli PM Ehud Olmert jailed for corruption.
  • parliament called Knesset
Italy Youngest PM Matteorenzi
Japan Emperor Akihito, PM Shinzo Abe. Parliament called DIET.
Jordan Joined non-permanent member of UNSC in Dec 2013. King Abdulla. Capital Amman
Kazakstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev; PM Karim Massimov
Latvia Officially joined Eurozone. 18th Member of Euzozone. PM: Straujuma. Parliament: Saeima. Capital Riga.Donot confuse EU vs Eurozone. EU (european union) has 28 members as of now. Croatia became the 28th member of EU in july 2013.
Lebanon PM Tammam Salam. Capital Beirut. Country In news because Hezbulla from Lebanon participating in Syrian civil war.
Libya PM Abdulla al Thani- he quits after family attacked. Capital Tripoli.
Lithuania President Dalia Grybushaite (Iron lady). Only person to win twice.
Malaysia PM Najib Razak
Maldives President Abdulla Yameen – after defeating Moh. Nasheed in run off vote. Parliament : Majilis
Marshall Islands
  • Capital Majuro.
  • President: Christopher Loeak
  • Parliament called Nitijela
  • In news because they filled a case in ICJ against nuclear power
Mauritius President Rajkeshwar Purryag. PM Navin Ramgoolam
Myanmar President Thein SeinOpposition leader Aung su kyi
Nepal President Ram Baran Yadav. PM Sushil koiralaParliament : Rahstriya Panchayat
Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan. in news because an extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped schoolgirls to get their prisoners released. Capital: Abuja
North Korea Kim Jong- un got 100% votes. Held high level talks with south korea at Pan mun jom. Jang Song Thaek: he was Kim’s uncle, but Kim got him killed for “gaddari”.
Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain and PM Nawaz Sharif both belong to PML-N party. Parliament called “Majlis-e-shoora”.Abul Basit: Paki Ambassador to India
Palestine Unity govt. under Moh. Abbas (Fatah) and Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas)
Papua New Guinea
  • First Indian origin to be member of Parliament – Sasindran Muthuvel
  • Pravasi Bharatiya samman 2014
Philippines Prez Beningo Aquino. New law to legalize birth control methods Until now birth control was prohibited due to opposition from Christians
S.Africa Jacob Zuma wins Presidential election. (Party African national congress). Capital: Johannesburg.Indian origin – Ela Gandhi – Pravasi Bharatiya Samman 2014
South Korea President female Park Park Geun-hye. PM Chung Hong won resigned after Ferry sinking incident which killed 300+people
South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit
Spain King Juan Carlos abdicated throne for his son. PM Rajoy. Capital Madrid. Parliament
Syria President Bashar al assad – ready for election under international pressure
  • acting Prime Minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan after  court removed Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra for power abuse
  • Later General Prayuth stages a military coup and detained Ms. Yingluck and her family.
  • President Abdulla Gul
  • PM Recep Tayyip Erdogen. In news because arbitrarily bans twitter, facebook etc.
  • Soma coal mine explosion killed 280+
  • Signed a law under husband can be jailed for 10 years for infecting wife with HIV (and vice versa) + mandatory HIV testing for pregnant women.
  • Capital Kampala.
  • PM/President not important.
  • President Petro Poroshenko, Chocolate businessman
  • PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk
  • parliament : RADA
  • Capital: Kiev
Uruguay Legalized marijuana trade. Capital Montevideo. PM/President not important.
Vatican Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) became TIME person of the year for 2013. He replaced Pope Benedict XVI.
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro (and NOT Hugo Chavez- He is dead)
Vietnam President Truong Tan SangPM Nguyen Tan Dung


  • David Cameron. Queen Elizabeth ruled for 62 years.
  • Recently David said Sikhs can head UK army and judiciary.
  • UK  parliament honored Tagore in 2014
  • Operation Trojan horse: to prevent spread of extremism in schools.
  • Banned sale of non-native aquatic plants to prevent entry of invasive species.
  • Scotland referendum to be held in September 2014.


  • President Barak Hussain Obama ; VP Joe Biden both democrat party
  • Jeb Bush (Republican) He is yyounger brother of George Bush, he may fight next Presidential election (perhaps) against Hillary Clinton (democrate).
  • Secretary of State John Kerry (not Hillary Clinton)
  • Speaker of house of representatives: John Boehner (not Nancy Pelosi)
  • Nancy Powell was first women US Ambassador to India. She was made to resign in May 2014 because she was close to Congis and Obama knew Modi will become next PM. in other words, her “boore din” had started even before election result!
  • Peter Haas: US Cousul general in India, opened new trade office in Ahmedabad in June 2014.
  • FBI: James Comey
  • CIA: John O. Brennan
  • Sergeant Bow Bergdahl: American soldier captured by Talibans in 2009. Obama freed some Taliban prisoners to secure Bow’s release.

Chief Guest in 26th January Republic Day Parade

  • 2013- King of Bhutan, Jigme Wangchuck
  • 2014- Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe

India’s Ranks (2013)

Doing Business (world bank) 134. Singapore tops
Gender Gap (WEF) 101, even Bangladesh, SriLanka and China better.
Global hunger index 63rd. Even Paki and Bangla better
Global Slavery Index India first rank! China 2nd, Paki 3rd
Human Capital index(WEF) 78.
Human development index (UNDP) 136.
Standard and Poors BBB minus rating
Standard Charters by 2030, India will be third largest economy after US and China
Transparency International’s corruption perception index
  • India 94th. Even Pakistan better!
  • Cleanest = NZ and Denmark. Most bogus: Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia

*WEF= World Economic Forum.

Ukraine crisis

For non-UPSC exams, this topic is pretty much irrelevant. Even for the interviews, you don’t need to know more than just basic geography and power angles. Crux of the matter is= Ukraine crisis happened because Russia wants to control (Crimea+ Black sea) & counter NATO/US influence in this region.

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