What factors affect the productivity of labour? Explain the significance of productivity in India.

What factors affect the productivity of labour? Explain the significance of productivity in India.

Ans- Factors Affecting Productivity of Labour– Following factors influence the productivity of labour-

(i) Racial Qualities– Racial blood of a worker is said to influence his efficiency. For example, workers from Punjab and Haryana can do any kind of physical work efficiently and are hard working.

(ii) Climate – Climate is a decisive factor which affects the worker’s efficiency. Excessively hot climate decreases the working capacity and resistance of workers.

(iii) Standard of Living – The standard of living of a worker also affects his efficiency. If workers get good food an9 leisure, their mental capability and physical power increase because they do not easily fall ill. Indian workers are less efficient mainly due to their low standard of living.

(iv) Level of Wages– Efficiency of labour is mainly dependent on the level of wages. Higher wages raises the worker’s standard of living and therefore his efficiency.

(v) Education and Training-A worker’s efficiency also depends upon the level of general education and particular training.  technically skilled worker can handle machine much more easily. Therefore, his efficiency is higher.

(vi) Hours of Work– If a worker is working for long hours of work every day, his productivity reduces due to the deterioration of his health.

(vii) Managerial Ability– Worker’s productivity is affected by the managerial ability of the organizer or entrepreneur. Proper distribution of work, creation of balanced jobs, placing right person on the right jobs, training of workers etc., can help-in obtaining higher productivity of labour.

(viii) Working Condition – A worker’s efficiency is also affected by his working conditions. If the place of work is ventilated and clean, well lighted the atmosphere is peaceful and there are sitting arrangements for the workers, the worker’s efficiency rises. ·

(ix) Nature of Work – If work is according to desire of a worker, he would be more efficient. The employers who keep workers on the job they like, get greater efficiency.

(x) Type of Supervision – If the supervision is strict and goal oriented, the prodl.1ctivity of labour increases. However, if workers get jobs somewhere else, they would like to leave the organization where strict supervision is exercised.

(xi) Miscellaneous Factors – Productivity of workers may be increased under the following conditions – ‘

(a)_ To satisfy one’s inner self (b) To have job security

(c) To earn promotion.

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