[Download] General Studies Paper1:(History,Geography) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded


[Download] General Studies Paper1:(History,Geography) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded

Courtesy: Mahitosh and Shivaram for sending their papers.

Bogus marketing propaganda after mains exam

Here are the three sacred rules of Bogus marketing propaganda, set by the temple of dooms in Delhi:

  1. Size doesn’t matter: If a person writes/teaches merely two marks worth content and UPSC asks 20 marks worth question, then also he shall get ‘full credit’ that question came from his source.
  2. “Spray and pray” material counts: if a person simply assembles material by verbatim copy paste of entire year’s Hindu newspapers, NCERT, economic survey or xyz report and a random question comes, then also he shall get ‘full credit’ for that question.
  3. Paan-walla gossip also counts: If a person merely gossips or hints that xyz topic should be prepared and it comes in Mains, then also he shall get ‘full credit’ for that question.

‘Genuine’ claim

Has only one rule: Person must have served at least 100-200 words worth content that was directly relevant to the UPSC question (Depending on 5 or 10 marks).
So let’s audit how Mrunal.org fared from both angles:

Sangam Literature http://mrunal.org/2013/10/oldncert-ancient-india-sources-of-history-paleography-epigraphy-numismatics-archeology.html#465 merely copy pasted old NCERT chapter 10 0
Bhoodan Gramdan http://mrunal.org/2013/11/land-reforms-bhodan-gramdan-jan-satyagraha-2012-other-non-governmental-movements-achievements-obstacles-limitations.html#99 sufficient points to write 200 words 10 10
Tashkent agreement http://mrunal.org/2013/12/download-november-writing-competition-zip-file-of-all-good-entries.html Aditya’s prize winning article in November competition. Sufficient points to handle this one. 10 10
Japan Imperialism
  1. under world history article series: http://mrunal.org/2013/06/world-history-imperialism-colonization-china-japan-asia-boxer-rebellion-open-door-policy-sphere-of-influence.html#257
  2. Additional points in Arun Chettiyar’s article in October 2013 competition
10 10
Africa scramble http://mrunal.org/2013/07/world-history-imperialism-colonization-africa-scramble-for-colonies-paper-partitions-slave-trade-boer-war.html gave more than sufficient points. 10 10
American Revolution – mercantilism #1: Mercantilism: http://mrunal.org/2013/06/world-history-imperialism-and-colonialism-meaning-factors-responsible.html#196#2: American revolution (old NCERT): http://mrunal.org/2013/07/old-ncert-world-history-ch8-american-revolution-causes-boston-tea-party-declaration-of-independence-part-1-of-4.htmlSecond part was mere copy paste from old NCERT chapter. Fodder points available but one has to link them two and frame the answer. 10 2
Great Depression http://mrunal.org/2013/07/old-ncert-world-history-ch12-part-1-of-2-between-two-world-wars-nazism-fascism-the-great-depression.html#depressionCopied old NCERT chapter. Even there, not enough fodder points for 200 words. 10 0
Globalization vs Aged population http://mrunal.org/2013/10/result-september-writing-competition-revision-notes-for-everyone-representation-of-peoples-act-internal-security-infrastructure-and-more.htmlEntries received in writing competition. But even combined, not 200 words worth content for this specific aged population. 10 4
landslides more frequent in Himalayas http://mrunal.org/2013/09/science-tech-thehindu-june-july-aug-part-1-of-3-agriculture-environment-biodiversity-enb-economics-of-animal-rearing-uttarakhand-tragedy-runaway-greenhouse-bio-refinary.html#1005lot of points in Uttarakhand tragedy article under Sci-tech. although did not deal specifically with ‘physical geography’ angle of western ghat vs Himalayas landslides. 5 2
Sugar Mills South India location factor http://mrunal.org/2013/07/geography-location-factors-sugar-tea-coffee-rubber-and-cocoa-for-upsc-general-studies-mains-paper-1.html#145you’ve to ‘make up’ an answer showing bad factors of northern region. As such not enough content was given for sugar mills in South Indian states. 5 2
cotton industry http://mrunal.org/2013/07/geography-location-factors-cotton-textile-wool-silk-jute-why-china-1-in-silk-why-textile-industry-in-osaka-manchester-lancashire-mumbai.html#3Sufficient points available. 5 5
Shale Oil, India
  1. basics: http://mrunal.org/2012/07/enb-shalegas.html
  2. India specific (in Pradyumn Gaurav’s entry): http://mrunal.org/2013/11/result-october-writing-competition-revision-notes-for-everyone-border-security-bilateral-relation-constitution-comparision-culture-and-more.html

sufficient fodder points given

10 10
Cyclone naming http://mrunal.org/2013/12/download-november-writing-competition-zip-file-of-all-good-entries.html In his Nov. entry, Arun Chettiyar did explain how cyclones are named. But only 30-40 words. 5 2
Maulana Azad In various article, I keep saying that if anyone’s birth/death anniversary is in the multiple of 5 or 10, then it is automatically important for UPSC. And 2013 was Azad’s 125th Birth Anniversary. 10 0
women freedom fight http://mrunal.org/2013/11/sci-techthehindu-sep-oct-novpart3of4-computeritmobile-tech-gecko-street-view-trekker-param-yuva-emf-radiation.html#737In the recent science tech compilation, had given mock question: Write a brief note about any five women freedom fighters of India- except Rani Laxmibai, Annie Besant, Meeraben, Kasturba and Sarojini Naidu. 10 0
total total out of 250 marks 130 67
  • If you think I missed any question, especially for bogus marketing claim- do post in comments!
  • Detailed analysis of the paper later on. And yes paper 2 coming soon.

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