[Download] Compulsory English 2013 Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam + last 17 years as Bonus(1997-2013)

UPSC English paper Mains 2013

[Download] Compulsory English 2013 Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam + last 17 years as Bonus(1997-2013)

  1. Compulsory English: 2012 vs 2013
  2. 2013: Compulsory English Paper
    1. Essay (100m)
    2. Comprehension (50m)
    3. Précis #1 (60m)
    4. Précis #2 (40m)
    5. Make sentences (10m)
    6. Antonym (5m)
    7. Sentence Correction (10m)
    8. Do as directed (15m)
    9. Fill in the Blanks (10m)
  3. Download previous papers (1997-2013)?

Compulsory English: 2012 vs 2013

UPSC English paper Mains 2013

2012 2013
300 marks | 3 hours same
allowed candidates to take question paper home yes
attempt any one out of five essays (100 marks) Two essays given and both compulsory. No options. (50 x 2 =100 marks)
One essay of 300 words 300 x 2= 600 words= lengthier paper
reading comprehension passage worth 75 marks just 50 marks
Comprehension passage just ~380 words to read. ~530 words= more time spent in reading=lengthier paper.
One précis worth 75 marks. two precise 60+40=100 marks.in other words, reduced comprehension by 25 marks and shifted them précis portion.
Précis specifically said: write 200 words.
  • Asked you to reduce length to 1/3rd of the original passage.
  • 1st passage=537=>reduce to 179 words.
  • 2nd passage=541=>reduce to 180 words.
  • Meaning, overall you had to write ~360 words=again lengthier paper. and its not just about writing 360 words, you’ve to read two original passages with patience, before compressing them=even more lengthier paper.
total grammar worth 50 marks same
fill in the blanks 15 just 10
sentence correction 10 same
antonym 5 same
insert suitable article none
passive voice 5 only 2
direct/indirect speech 5 only 3
rewrite sentence with “it” 5m same
new type of “Do as directed” question e.g. combine sentence with had, combine with had, make exclamatory sentence with “how” etc.

Anyways, let’s check the paper itself (Thanks Kartik for sharing this paper.)

2013: Compulsory English Paper


  1. All questions are to be attempted.
  2. The number of marks carried by a question is indicated against it. Answers must be written in ENGLISH only.
  3. Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to and if answered in much longer or shorter than the prescribed length, marks will be deducted.
  4. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off.

Essay (100m)

Q. Write short essays in about 300 words on each of the following (50 x 2 =100 marks)

  1. We Indians are hypocrites.
  2. Fitness and healthcare — latest fad in urban India.

Comprehension (50m)

Q2. Read carefully the passage given below and write your answers to the questions that follow in clear, correct, and concise language of your own. 50 marks

In barely one generation, we’ve moved from exulting in the time-saving devices that have so expanded our lives, to trying to get away from them — often, in order to make more time. The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. Like a teenager, we appear to have gone from knowing nothing about the world to knowing too much, all but overnight.

The average person spends at least eight and a half hours a day in front of the screen. The average teenager spends or receives 75 text messages a day. Since luxury, as any economist will tell you, is a function of scarcity, the children of tomorrow will crave nothing more than freedom, if only for a short while, from all the blinking machines, streaming videos and scrolling headlines that leave them feeling empty, and too full all at once. The urgency of slowing down — to find the time and space to think — is nothing new, of course, and wiser souls have always reminded us that the more attention we pay to the moment, the less time and energy we have to place it in some larger context. Even half a century ago, Marshall McLuhan warned, “When things come at you very fast, naturally you lose touch with yourself.”

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