Discuss the application of computer in e-business. Or Discuss computer application in e-business.

Discuss the application of computer in e-business. Or Discuss computer application in e-business.

Ans.  .   (i) E-business – E-business is about using internet technologies to transform the way business processes are performed. Its most visible form is purchasing using PC and Internet. Every day. More companies and people gain access to the Internet, more purchases are executed electronically.

(ii)Bio-informatics – Bio-informatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Computers are used to gather, store, analyze and integrate biological and genetic information which can then be applied to gene-based drug discovery and development. The need for bio-Informatics capabilities has been precipitated by the explosion of publicly available genomic information resulting from the Human Genome Project. The science of Bio-informatics, which is the melding of molecular biology with computer science, is essential to the use of genomic information of new molecular target for drug discovery.

(iii)Health Care – Computers are also being used for planning and control purposes by health-care professional. Computer equipment is used to monitor pulse rate, blood pressure and other vital signs. This leads to correct and fast diagnosis. Medical researchers are using computers as a tool in their search for cures of deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS.

(iv)Remote Sensing and GIS – Remote sensing is the science of deriving information about the earth’s land water areas form images acquired by using sensing devices operated from a remote location. It relies upon measurement of electromagnetic energy reflected or emitted form the features of interest.

The field of GIS and remote sensing has been referred to as the technology of today. The largest primary source of digital data for use in GIS is undoubtedly that created by Remote sensing technology on board of satellites and other aircrafts. Different schools of thought have had different and varies definitions for geographic information system (GIS) . Tomlin defines a GIS as a configuration of computer hardware and software specially designed for the acquisition, maintenance and use of cartographic data. Burrough defines a GIS as a powerful set of tools for collecting storing and retrieving at will, transforming and displaying spatial data from the real world.

Thus, a GIS is a computer-assisted system for the acquisition, storage, analysis and display of geographically are spatially referenced data.

(v)Meteorology and Climatology – Meteorology, as a science, is relatively new and, with computer assistance, it has become more of an exact science. The problem in meteorology has always been to obtain sufficient data, and to analyse that data quickly enough so that predictions can be made. Satellites, linked directly with computer systems, now provide the meteorologist with information, in addition to the data obtained from weather stations on land and at sea. Armed with more information, the relationship between the variable factors which constitute weather can be analyzed in greater depth, and a more accurate forecast can then be made. The computer system is also able a analyze vast quantities of past measurements to test for weather patterns and, based on these results, long-range forecasts can be made.

(vi) Computer Gaming – Computer are also being used for playing video games. With the advent of multimedia, there has been a boom in the different types of video games available on computer systems. Sound and animation have been particularly important in these applications to make the games thrilling and exciting for the user. Because the sequence of events in such games depends on the actions of the player, these programs are very interactive in nature.

(vii)Multimedia and Animation – Computers can be used to integrate two or more types of media, such as text, graphics, image, audio, and video, for the purpose of generation, storage, representation, manipulation and access of multimedia information. Multimedia is one of the most commonly used terms in entertainment industry, which produces various entertainment products such as movies and video games.

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