principles of management and managerial economics

Outline the elements of effective administration to control an organization

Ans. Following are the main elements of effective administration to control an organization _ (i) Formulation of Goals - Administration decides the goals for the enterprise to be achieved in a definite time period. These goals may be long term or short term, depending upon [...]

Write short note On administration.,

Ans. Administration is the process which is used to control the enterprise works. Every enterprise running in profit or not, needs some control for proper functioning. Administration includes some function necessary which are decision making, policy making, and goal adjustments etc. Administration is essentially needed [...]

Describe the features of good industrial management.

Ans. The features of good industrial management are as following (i) Good industrial management establish a R and D department so as To develop product and technology and discover new technologies in the field. (ii) It should have a strategic response of market feedback, so as [...]

What are the disadvantages of decentralized administration ?

Ans. Disadvantages of decentralized administration are as follows - (i) Decentralized administration requires high degree of self- motivation and self-control because of autonomy given to managers. (ii) In structure, there is more need for good managers, unless these managers are available, decentralized administration cannot be effective. (iii) [...]

List the advantages of decentralized administration.

Ans. Advantages of decentralized administration are as follows - (i) It facilitates growth and diversification in the organization. (ii) ft is helpful to motivate managers. (iii) It pinpoints more accurately on the results to be achieved organization by making various units autonomous. (iv) It reduces burden of the [...]

State the disadvantages of centralized administration.

Ans. Disadvantages of centralized administration are as follows - (i) Centralized administration is suitable only for small organization which producing single or homogeneous products, and operating in limited geographical areas. · (ii) When there is centralized administration the benefits turn in limitations which affect the operational [...]

Write down the advantages of centralized administration.

Ans. Advantages of centralized administration are as follows - (i) It facilitates integration of efforts. (ii) It makes communication and control easier in the (iii) There is uniformity in action throughout the organization thus, co-ordination can be achieved easily. (iv) It helps in reducing wastage of efforts by [...]

What are the objectives of “administration”?

Ans. Objectives of administration are as follows-    (i)Policy Formulation and Objective Determination administration- Administration is primarily concerned with laying down policy formulation and objective determination which is implemented by the operative for the achievement of the goal (ii) Administration Determines What is to be Done [...]

Explain the concept of management.

Ans. The concepts of management can be explained through following points- (i) An Art of Getting Things Done- Management gets things done through Others by performing managerial functions and also satisfying their needs. (ii) As a Process- Managing involves a series of interrelated functions Of planning, [...]