Daily Current Affairs


Daily Current Affairs – 23rd May, 2016

Chabahar Port: crucial gateway for India’s objectives India and Iran Ties: PM Modi’s visit to Iran has three primary objectives: First, to diversify (and increase) India’s oil and gas supplies (Recently, Iran became second-biggest oil supplier to India) Second, to enhance connectivity and trade with Afghanistan, [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 24th May, 2016

Water Pricing Regime Water scarcity is defined as the ratio of total surface/groundwater footprint to surface/groundwater availability in a given river basin. If the ratio is 1, it means that available surface/groundwater is being fully utilized—moderate scarcity WFN database recognizes four kinds of water [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 25th May, 2016

Healthcare Funding Health financing refers to the “function of a health system concerned with the mobilization, accumulation and allocation of money to cover the health needs of the people, individually and collectively, in the health system… the purpose of health financing is to make [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 26th May, 2016

‘Right to reputation’ is a fundamental right? Supreme Court recently rejected the idea of constitutional challenge to criminal defamation (denied the plea to de-criminalise defamation). Rather the judgment raised ‘reputation’ to the level of “shared value of the collective” and elevated it to the [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 27th May, 2016

India-EU Relationship India and EU Concerns: India-European Union relationship has fallen into a familiar lull – marked by distance and aloofness between the two sides Recent visit by India’s PM to Brussels (in March) also did not achieve much of what it was supposed to – jump-start [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 28th May, 2016

Time for a “new fiscal framework” Issue: Indian fiscal policy suffers from a serious deficit bias The consolidated fiscal deficit in India has been far higher than other emerging markets (see chart) Reasons: In India, fiscal profligacy (reckless spending of money) is more of a rule [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 30th May, 2016

Can Private Insurance ensure Equitable, Efficient, and Quality Health Care? Concerns with Indian Healthcare System: High Out of Pocket Expenditures (OOP) – More than 75 per cent on average of all health expenditure is OOP Impoverished – Among those who get hospitalized, nearly 25% are [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 1st June, 2016

Judicial Activism or Judicial Adventurism? Doctrine of separation of powers: The doctrine of separation of powers implies that each pillar of democracy – the executive, legislature and the judiciary – perform separate functions and act as separate entities. The executive is vested with the power to [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 2nd June, 2016

India as the “world’s human resource capital” Why there is a need for Skill Development? To convert Quantitative Dividend to Qualitative Dividend: India’s biggest challenge remains having a young population that is unemployable due to lack of skills. As much as 50 per cent of [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 3rd June, 2016

Public Sector Enterprises The Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) have been a strategic lever for Indian economic development in both pre-independence and post-independence era. With the opening of the economy and changes in the market dynamics, with private sector playing a greater role in [...]