23rd BeiDou Navigation Satellite Successfully Launched by China

23rd BeiDou Navigation Satellite Successfully Launched by China

A 23rd BeiDou Navigation Satellite has been successfully launched by China to support its global navigation and positioning network it was launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China�s Sichuan Province on board of Long March-3C carrier rocket.

  • In the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System It is the 23rd satellite, which is developed as an alternative to GPS (Global Positioning System) of US.
  • With this china has launched 229th the Long March carrier rocket.
  • After ingoing its designed work orbit and finishing in-orbit testing 23rd BeiDou Navigation Satellite, will join others satellite of the system which are already in orbit.
  • This satellite will be very helpful to develop the stability of the BeiDou Navigation system to offer global coverage.

About BeiDou Navigation System (BNS)

  • BNS is 2nd generation of the Chinese navigational system which competes with the US�s Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • The system includes total 35 satellites in two discrete satellite constellations
  1. Limited test system (operational since 2000)
  2. A full-scale global navigation system which is currently under construction.
  • In December 2011 operational of BNS started in China with the assemblage of 10 satellites of the system.
  • The system initiated offering services to customers in the Asia-Pacific region in December 2012.
  • The system will provide services to global customers on its completion in 2020.
  • The navigation system becomes an equal of the US Global Positioning System, Europe�s Galileo and Russia�s Glonass after completion.
  • Applications:
  1. Civilian services: Navigation, messaging, transportation and weather forecasting sectors.
  2. Military applications: Confirm privacy for its military communications and missile launches by dropping the requirement on US operated GPS.


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